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Posted August 5, 2015 by Mr. Briann Muurphy
From the CEO address:
We here at iMIS International are enhancing our core business, while proactively capitalizing on worldwide opportunities arising from global cyclical business trends and the increasing demand for top flight products and services.

With a strong asset base and excellent execution capabilities we are poised as a premier, global development and manufacturing organization.
Posted April 22, 2014 by Mr. Peter L. Bachman

Did you realize that you can follow a number of communities that are set up to encourage knowledge sharing, networking, and support? Take a look around and listen to what other people in the industry are talking about!

Some highlights:

The Members FAQ Community is the place to discover all the benefits you are entitled to as a member of our organization. 
* The Volunteer Community helps you get involved in a variety of community service projects.
* The Resource Library is a repository of industry best practices and tools to help you in your career.

Posted September 18, 2013 by Mr. Peter L. Bachman

After many years in our industry, I’ve determined that if you want to make the most out of the annual conference, you need to have a game plan. It’s important to know what you want to accomplish at the conference in advance. Are there are people you are trying to connect with? Are there specific topics you are hoping to learn more about, or educational opportunities you don’t want to miss?  Here are some tips:

  • Take a look in advance at who is exhibiting and speaking. Know who you want to meet; this will help you figure out how to find them.
  • Know which booths in the exhibit hall are important to you to visit. Discuss with your colleagues beforehand and see if anyone in your organization is in need of special information from an exhibitor. You may want to set up a meeting in advance to meet some of these folks. Just walking the floor is less effective than coming with a plan.
  • Bring your materials. If you aren’t exhibiting, that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to provide valuable information about your organization. Be sure to bring business cards.
  • Know what you need. Company decision makers are at their booths; if you need something, now is a good time to ask.
  • Stay organized. Sort through and organize business cards each day. Don’t get back to the office and find cards everywhere! Sort out contacts and brochures. Review your notes to organize follow-up before you return to the office.
Posted November 26, 2012 by Mr. Peter L. Bachman
In case you missed the last few seminars, the presentations for the following sessions are now available:

  • A Discussion of Nonresponse Bias Studies
  • The OMB Clearance Process for Federal Surveys
  • Is it Culturally Ethical? Human Rights Challenges in International Survey Research

I also wanted to note that two new officers were installed for the East Chapter at the beginning of the month. The new folks, brimming with ideas are:

  • Stacey Johnson, Chapter Event Program Chair
  • Ralph Peabody, Membership Recruitment Evangelist

Please welcome these volunteers next time you see them at a Chapter gathering!

Posted November 13, 2012 by Mr. Peter L. Bachman
One of the biggest advantages of membership in the association is access to our forums.  They are a great way to get almost instant feedback from fellow professionals worldwide on many topics of relevance to our industry . I make use of our forums, too! Last week I was asked to give a talk on how social media is influencing our business. I have ideas and thoughts on how to use social media effectively, but I decided to solicit input from my fellow association members and posed a question to the forum about best practices others' are putting in use in their area. I received a number of great ideas and incorporated most of them into my presentation.

I encourage each of you to use the forum, especially if you are faced with a particularly difficult issue or if you are looking for mentoring and advice.

Posted November 13, 2012 by Mr. Peter L. Bachman
If you're passionate about the future of our industry, consider becoming a part of our Legislative
Committee. Recent changes in security legislation North America and abroad may have an effect on both
the way we do business and on the curriculum used to become a certified industry professional. If
you're interested in helping shape how and when this happens, join the association's Legislative
Committee and take an active role.

Posted November 13, 2012 by Mr. Peter L. Bachman
During last year's membership drive, we included an in-depth survey about the top challenges facing our members in the industry. We asked some very specific questions about the most frequent legal issues you encounter in your work, and I wanted to share the results with you.
The top issues are:
  1. Employment liability
  2. Misunderstanding what comprises taxable income
  3. Lack of attention to important clauses in meeting contracts
  4. Lack of a contract management plan
  5. Lack of a social media management plan

Join me on January 15 for a webinar on the survey results, where I'll go into more detail about how you can avoid pitfalls associated with these issues!

Posted November 9, 2012 by Mr. Peter L. Bachman
I'm Peter Bachman, incoming association president, and I wanted to introduce myself and welcome new and returning members. I really enjoyed meeting many of you at our conference last year, and I'm looking forward to connecting again next year in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. The beautiful Reef Hotel and Casino will be the site of our conference, which will make for both a fun and informative gathering. There are some great formal and informal ways to network during this conference--it's one you don't want to miss. If you are beginning your career, networking at the conference is a fantastic way to find a mentor.

We have many exciting things happening in our industry during the next year, especially relating to certification and licensing program changes. As many of you know, continuing education in our field is a passion of mine, and I have been chair of the Education Committee for the past five years. During that time the number of members participating in continuing education classes and sitting for the licensing xam has almost doubled, which tells me that this is an area that many of you are interested in as well. I'm always interested in hearing members' thoughts on what subject areas they'd like to see more education offered in, and the value you feel that licensing brings to your career. Join us for plenary sessions on this very topic at the conference!

A little bit about me--I am a graduate of Texas A and M University in College Station, Texas. I love watching Aggie football games with my son, James, and I  also enjoy playing guitar and reading. I'm originally from Dallas, Texas and my wife Anne and I have enjoyed traveling throughout the United States,  Europe, and Australia as part of our careers. I've found it especially wonderful to connect with association members from  all over the world, learning that we have the same common interests and goals in our industry no matter where we live! I am looking forward to traveling more in Asia next year and hope to meet members there.

Feel free to drop me a line at and let me know how you're doing, and how our association can better serve you.